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Where is the store? You have arrived! ZoZo Cute is an online store based out of Fort Worth, Texas. We currently do not have a physical retail location and we operate exclusively online.

How do I enter my initials?  We prefer you enter them in the exact way they should be embroidered or printed. First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial. If your name is Maelyn Kate Smith, your monogram would be mSk. If you would like to do your married monogram, typically it goes Wife's First Initial, Last Name Initial, Husbands First Initial. 

Can I place an order over the phone? I'm sorry! At this time, we communicate only via email and our website contact page. 

Can I pick up my order locally instead of paying shipping? Of course! Just choose Local Pickup at checkout then e-mail us to coordinate a good time to come and pick up your order. 

Do you offer free shipping? Yes! All orders ship free, unless you wish to have priority shipping. 

Can I make a change to my order?  If you can let us know within 12 hours, after that we can not guarantee a change. 

What about my store credit or gift card? Does it ever expire? No! 

What is your return policy? Since we are a personalization company, there are no returns. If you place your monogram in the wrong order, we can not replace the item for free. However, if the mistake is our fault we will absolutely do what we need to do make it right. 

But I don't like the font on my item!  If we made a mistake on the font, we will refund or replace the item. If you got an item with the font you selected, but just don't like it, sorry! We only cover our mistakes. We do not cover the mistakes of the customer. If you did not specify a font when ordering we will use what is shown in the sample photo.

I didn't see a thread choice I liked. Sorry you didn't see one that grabbed your attention. Send us a quick email and we will see what we can do. We have a lot of thread color options and some are not listed on the site. 

I received my order and something is wrong. We are so sorry! We aren't robots and sometimes we make mistakes! We will gladly fix the item for you as long as we are the one who made the error. If you made the error, we cannot fix it for free.

My shoes don't fit! As long as you received the size you ordered there isn't anything we can do about it due to them being personalized. If you are unsure of your size, please go and try some on first so that we can ensure you get the correct size. Converse tend to run a 1/2 size large. 

Can I mail you shoes I want monogrammed? Sure, just send us a quick email so we can get the order processed for you. You will be required to pay for shipping to us and again back to you. 

Can I get a proof of what my monogram will look like? Sure, just send us a quick email and then you can expect a proof in about a day. 

I want to place a large party order! Please email us for details on pricing for parties.

How long does it take to get an order? Right now we are at a 7-10 day turnaround PLUS shipping time for everything excluding items that say coming soon or items that are made offsite. The items made offsite take a little longer. 

I need my item sooner. Email us! We might can offer you a rush fee! 

My package says it was delivered, but I don't have it. Once we supply you with a tracking number and proof of shipment to the address you have provided, it is out of our control. We will not replace your package for free if your information provided has the wrong address. We will not replace your package for free if it was stolen. Once you are provided a tracking number, it becomes a situation that you must take up with the United States Postal Service.

If we make an error, we do everything in our power to make it right for you! 

Thanks so much for shopping with ZoZo Cute! We feel so blessed you choose to shop with us!

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